Monday, June 21, 2010


I can't express enough my love for this company and their line of body shapers. Here are a couple awesome experiences, well i think they're pretty awesome! I started wearing my body magic just shy of a couple weeks now. One of the most amazing benefits for me was I had no back pain! This is huge for me cause I have a pinched nerve in my lower back, and have pain there quite often. My friend had a similiar experience. She has had several kids and has a lot of back pain too, especially when she picks up her kids. Well i went over to her house and had her try on the body magic. She just kept saying how good it felt. Then she picked up her little one and was amazed that she didnt have any pain when she did. This is why I love Ardyss!!! To be able to help people feel good about themselves and to help eliminate pain. It is an amazing product, and it works!!!!! I have lost about four lbs. already and I actually have been working out less, and actually not eating the greatest either. (ya i need to work on that:) ) But even better than losing 4 lbs. I can totally tell that my love handles are smaller. And I have been working so dang hard for years to try and get rid of them. Who would have known it was this simple? Did i mention that I LOVE Ardyss!!!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Having a Body Shapers ahowcase Tuesday night at 7 pm at 6448 S. Rowan Ave Mesa, 85212. Anyone and evryone is invited, so spread the word!

A New Adventure, because...... "Adventure is out there!"

I am starting a new adventure, and I am thrilled about it!!!! I started my own business with Ardyss International! A company owned by the sweetest little Mexican family ever! They started a line of body shaping garments that shrink you 2-3 sizes in 10 min with no pills, diets, or surgeries! Not to mention they have an amazing line of nutritional, and cosmetic products. Well to get back on track they started 20 years ago in Mexico and just recently opened up her in the states (about 2 and a half years ago). They wanted to serve people, to help women feel good about who they are, and put a spark back into their eyes. And so that became the foundation of what their business was built upon. Which flowed over into their compensation plan.....let me tell you's like they're giving away money!!!!! Even though the money is a huge plus it's definitely not what it's all about. I instantly fell in love with the product and wanted to be able to share it with others! So.... I figured I would add it to my blog, post when we have showcases going on and just track how everything goes.